VARS BRNO a.s. has become a member of the VINCI Energies group.

The VINCI Energies group is buying a majority share in VARS BRNO a.s., and in so doing will lay the foundations for a future strategic partnership based on mutual values and visions. VARS BRNO, like VINCI Energies, puts great emphasis on corporate social responsibility, and their results are not only reflected in the economic sphere but also contribute to overall economic and social development.

VINCI Energies is part of the French VINCI group - one of the leading global players in the area of construction and management of transport infrastructure.

VINCI Energies specializes in the installation, setting-up and optimization of energy, transport and industrial infrastructure, and it contributes to the fast distribution of innovative information and communications technologies. The group employs over 60,000 people operating in 46 countries, while each of the 1,500 business units remains autonomous and always offers solutions based on the knowledge and know-how shared within the whole VINCI group, though with regard to local conditions. 

VARS BRNO a.s. is a technology company offering innovative and smart solutions for transportation telematics, asset management and GIS. The cores of these solutions are software applications reflecting the newest trends in the field of information technology. It cooperates with research institutions, and their partners are global leaders in technology. VARS BRNO a.s. was founded in 1995 as a family firm; it has 70 employees and the average annual turnover exceeds EUR 10 million. 

“I see it as a step towards further growth and I look forward to the upcoming cooperation. Belonging to VINCI will expand our opportunities for cooperating and sharing technologies and innovation beyond one country. I believe we will be able to offer our existing customers new products and quality, and to reach new customers, particularly abroad," explains Ing. Tomáš Miniberger, the CEO of VARS BRNO a.s..

VARS BRNO will continue to provide its clients with sustainable solutions in the fields of intelligent transport, road management and applications for asset management and public administration.

“Since its foundation, VARS BRNO has achieved the position of a stable and prosperous company, and I appreciate the fact that in this condition it is becoming a member of the VINCI Energies group.    Together, we will continue to build on the entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism and innovative potential of the whole team of the company's employees, and with the support of our group we will develop a range of complex solutions in the field of transport infrastructure for our current and new customers," adds Ing. Laislav Urban, Regional Director of VINCI Energies International - East in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The corporate identity and values of VARS and VINCI are very similar and will be retained. The company management will remain unaltered and will continue to contribute to the development of the company, using new opportunities and building the reputation of a trustworthy and professional partner.

The financial advisor to the seller and VARS BRNO was CORPIN.

In this transaction, the seller was represented by the law firm Havel Holásek & Partners, s.r.o., and the solicitors to the buyer were the law firm Bányaiová Vožehová, s.r.o..

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