Traffic information dissemination by VMS

VARS BRNO has supplied and integrated 51 information boards (variable message signs, or “VMS”) in Prague to inform drivers of the current traffic situation. The installed information boards have been supplied in several required types according to the local conditions in various locations. 

To be able to operate all the supplied VMS, the TMCP's control system has been extended with functions enabling work with new types of VMS, and scenarios have been defined thanks to which the system will automatically offer appropriate information to be displayed on those VMS.  The scenarios automatically specify the importance of information regarding the given traffic event on the basis of pre-set areas of interest for the individual VMS, based on the distance from the relevant sign and also the type of traffic event (accident, closure, etc.).   These scenarios may be set either as fully automatic or semi-automatic, requiring the approval of an operator.

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The supplied system also included scenarios for displaying schematic load maps with graphical information on the current state of traffic on special full matrix RGB displays.


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