The company VARS BRNO a.s. participated on the new telematics surveillance system in Prague.

On Wednesday, 25. 6. 2014, the project, “Comprehensive Telematics Surveillance System (KTDS)”, whose major contractor was the company CAMEA in cooperation with VARS BRNO a.s., was officially completed. The project was created with the support of the European Union's funds within the Operational Programme Transport 2, and it greatly helped to improve the problematic situation of transport in Prague. In the framework of the project, the selected radial routes on the territory of the capital city of Prague were fitted with the telematics system, which, with the use of surveillance pivot cameras, provides complex monitoring of transport and detection of traffic situations (detection of traffic intensities, classification of vehicles, detection of traffic jams and barriers on roads, calculation of travel times and visual camera surveillance).

All data from the real-time traffic are integrated into the Control System of the Main Traffic Control Central in Prague and the Application for Traffic Engineers, and are crucial for predicting development of traffic situations and creating traffic-engineering analyses.