Road Asset Management

Road Network Maintenance

Operational applications supporting everyday activities in management, implementation, evaluation and the regular and continuous maintenance of roads. It is used for organizing the work of an assets manager.


  • The Routine Maintenance Control System represents a comprehensive solution for routine road maintenance. Support for road inspections – recording of defects and guarantees and management of processes associated with assignment, verification, removal of defects, and economic evaluation of routine maintenance.
  • The Winter and Summer Maintenance Logbooks record workforce deployment and the mechanisms for performing winter or summer maintenance and activities ensuring road safety.
  • The electronic plan for winter maintenance prescribes in what way winter maintenance will be managed and implemented.
  • The Vehicle Tracking System monitors the position of vehicles and actions performed using GPS devices.
  • The Maintenance Operational Plan creates documents for invoicing routine and winter maintenance.
  • The Maintenance Investment Plan supports the preparation and monitoring of continuous maintenance and investment actions on roads.

CleveRA - Operational aplications


Key features

  • Mutually cooperating systems integrated into one whole, data is shared, applications follow each other
  • Making operators' work more effective - concentration of activities in one place
  • Operation under the 24x7 regime
  • Complete control over winter and summer maintenance including quality monitoring
  • Cost-saving in routine maintenance of road network
  • Office application is accessible from an Internet browser, which minimizes the cost of the system management and increases the efficiency, implementation of system updates, there are no problems with connecting of other users.
  • Availability – access to the system is possible from anywhere with internet connection, access from mobile devices.
  • Open platform – easy to add new applications and new features, new users


State: in use
Used by ŘSD ČR (Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic) – all 1st class road administration and management sections (circa 6,000 km), regional bodies – Zlín Region (1,768 km), Karlovy Vary Region (1,825 km), Plzeň Region (4,600 km), South Moravian Region (3880 km)