Company profile

VARS BRNO a.s. is a technology company offering innovative and smart solutions for transport telematics, asset management and GIS. The core of these solutions is software that reflects the latest trends in information technology and gives customers completely new options on highly competitive terms.

The company was founded in 1995 in Brno - the technological centre of the Czech Republic. The main field the company VARS operates in is transport. In this field, the company provides software solutions in the areas of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and transport infrastructure asset management. It also provides related GIS & CAD systems and IT infrastructure.

VARS BRNO a.s. is part of an important multinational group - VINCI Energies. VINCI Energies is a member of the French group VINCI, one of the leading global players in the area of the construction and management of transport infrastructure, who specializes in the installation, set-up and optimization of energy, transport and industrial infrastructure, and contributes to the fast distribution of innovative information and communication technologies. The group employs over 60,000 people operating in 45 countries, with annual turnover with excess of EUR 8 billion, while each of the 1,500 business units remains autonomous and always offers solutions based on the knowledge and know-how shared within the whole VINCI group, with regard to local conditions.

The goal and the mission of VARS BRNO is to provide first-class and innovative ICT solutions, particularly in the area of transport. Our strategy for achieving these goals is innovation associated with significant investments in research and development and close partnerships with leading technology companies worldwide (ESRI, Microsoft, Navteq, FUGRO Roadware, SWARCO ...).
VARS BRNO a.s. also provides related services – consulting, proposals for solutions, customization and development, implementation, 24/7 support and training.
Our innovative solutions are created by our own team of experts, who also work in research and development projects and co-create the company know-how, respecting industry trends and the current and future needs of customers.

Among our most important customers are: The Ministry of Transport, transportation and research centres, State Administration of Navigation, technical administrative bodies, regional authorities and regional city administrations, designers and others.

The VARS product portfolio contains:

Intelligent transportation systems

For transport telematics, VARS BRNO a.s. has developed the modular system SMARTIC, which covers: 

Data acquisition and processing

  • traffic situation and volume
  • calculation of travel time
  • continuous traffic load maps

Traffic monitoring
Adaptive traffic management using defined management scenarios

Traffic information dissemination

  • Web-based and mobile applications
  • TMC, V2I

Analytical applications for traffic engineers

More information about SMARTiC HERE.

Road asset management

For transport infrastructure asset management, VARS BRNO a.s. has developed a modular system, CleveRA, focusing on a comprehensive process of road assets management.

It includes:

Road diagnostics and  road assets records

  • Road diagnostics (measurement of variable parameters with a multifunction diagnostic vehicle, detailed road diagnostics, laser scan)
  • Passport asset management system

Routine maintenance of road network

  • Routine maintenance system (RMS)
  • Electronic winter maintenance plan and operational production plan
  • Winter maintenance logbook and summer maintenance logbook
  • Maintenance investment plan (MIP)
  • Vehicle tracking

Bridge and pavement management

  • Pavement management system
  • Bridge management systém

Management decision support system

More information about CleveRA HERE.


In GIS technology, VARS BRNO offers geoportals for public administration, asset management systems for industrial buildings, web-based navigation charts, systems for bathymetric and sediment survey of rivers and reservoirs, etc..

More information about GIS HERE.
More information about CAD HERE.


VARS BRNO holds seminars in the CAD, GIS and transport segments on the actual themes.

More information about VARS ACADEMY HERE.

Social responsibility

VARS is committed to corporate social responsibility, which is especially reflected in its transparency (the company regularly publishes its annual report and audited financial statements), philanthropy (sponsorship of the Masaryk Oncological Institute and sporting events) and, last but not least, environmentalism.


The company was awarded the title App of the Year by the ESRI for its complex transport management system, which uses the LRS (Linear referencing system) based on ArcGIS. Innovation, complexity and the use of GIS in this area were especially appreciated. Long-term positive economic results were rewarded with 2nd place in the prestigious Czech 'Top companies’ chart.