Intelligent traffic system

For more than two decades, VARS has been delivering solutions for traffic control centres. We developed the SMARTiC platform, which provides data-based information for dispatcher monitoring.

At the beginning of every solution is data. We connect their sources and create a unified picture of the traffic situation.

Relevant and verified data—this is the cornerstone of a quality traffic telematics system. Our solutions link the individual data sources, give them a unified structure, evaluate them, further process and create traffic information from them, which is passed on to the individual interfaces, whether for the driver or, for example, to the systems of the emergency services. From the data, we create a picture of the current traffic situation, which our system further uses, for example, for traffic management.

We create scenarios for traffic management.

We simplify the work of those who have to make decisions. Thanks to complex multi-criteria control scenarios, we can react to different traffic situations and subsequently command various devices—actors at the same time. We create solutions that can predict the evolution of the traffic situation and apply optimal traffic measures preventively or help dispatchers make the right decisions. At the same time, our systems are also used for adequate control.

We build dispatch centres that help manage traffic efficiently – in cities and across the country.

We supply a complete portfolio of equipment for dispatch centres and related data centres, including large-screen displays and other advanced audiovisual technology. From small data centres to large control rooms with extreme demands on reliability and the provision of round-the-clock surveillance. Our interface systems serve large cities nationwide. Our solutions help dispatchers to have a perfect overview of what is happening and facilitate their decision-making.

We connect our data with those on the road—professionals and drivers

We provide data and information for information systems for road users and the public. Every day we save drivers millions of hours on the road.

Our projects

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