Infrastructure Management Solutions

VARS BRNO is a leader in transport infrastructure management systems. We have developed CleveRA, a comprehensive management tool that helps road managers across the country manage assets efficiently.

We use the most advanced pavement diagnostics technology in Central Europe.

We recognise that you can’t build a quality road management system without quality data. We are unique in pavement diagnostics by utilising the most advanced technology in our CleveRA Car data collection vehicle.

We create operational systems for managing not only traffic infrastructure.

We provide road managers with unique information about their assets. Our systems are an invaluable tool for effective cost and performance control and, above all, for a comprehensive overview of assets—the roads, other infrastructure, telematics systems and computer technology.

We provide the perfect basis for maintenance planning.

Based on the data, we provide road managers with tools for efficient asset management. Our solutions monitor the lifespan of individual infrastructure elements and equipment. They can predict failures and plan timely maintenance, repair, reconstruction or replacement. Our systems optimise maintenance costs and maximise the service life of roads and transport structures.

We help our customers make the right decisions.

Our systems facilitate management decisions and allow better investment planning and efficient cost management. Our solutions help maximise the lifespan of transport infrastructure across the country—from roads to railways, waterways to energy.

Our projects

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