Road Asset Management

Winter Maintenance

Electronic plan for winter maintenance

Unified document for winter road maintenance, defining in what way winter maintenance is managed and performed on individual sections; it is reflected in all the winter maintenance applications. Basic principles of winter maintenance plan preparation are defined in the Regulation of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic No. 104/1997 Coll., as amended. The application consists of the content and the text and tables sections along with the maps and their functional elements. 

Winter maintenance logbook

The duty to keep a winter maintenance schedule is set out in Amendment 8 to Regulation No. 104/1997 Coll.. The schedule is used to define the staff and vehicles in service; it records weather conditions and road passability and is linked to the central systems of Winter news and the performance of winter maintenance. All findings and winter maintenance operations and road traffic safety measurements are recorded in chronological order.

Vehicle tracking system

The application is used to acquire information about the positions of monitored vehicles, which the system takes from the GPS units installed in the monitored vehicles. There is the option to determine the last known position of each vehicle and the latest action performed, and to display the history of a selected vehicle’s movements and performed activities. The output is a list of activities performed in the given area and the sending of data to the Operation and Production Plan as a basis for invoicing and to the Monitoring of Winter Maintenance Operations as a basis for the evaluation of the adequacy of winter maintenance.