Intelligent Transportation Systems

Web-based applications for providing traffic information

The application ensures the provision to the public of all traffic information published in the SMARTiC system.

Traffic information is provided in the form of text (in tables) and graphical interpretations on interactive maps. Every type of event or group of events is symbolized by a graphic icon in accordance with the Alert-C enumerated type. If the user moves the pointer arrow over the symbol using the mouse, basic information about the traffic incident is displayed; clicking on the icon will display more detailed information.

The application provides users with

  • a visualization of traffic information in the form of text (in tables) and graphical interpretations on an interactive map. For selected roads, traffic information can be visualized in a schematic view.
  • a visualization of a traffic road map, where the monitored road section is represented by colour coding appropriate to the given traffic volume (1 – 5).
  • a visualization of information on travel time
  • display of static images (sent to the SMARTiC system at regular intervals) from the cameras placed on roads
  • information on information displayed on VMS boards (PIT and PDZ)