VARS BRNO welcomes partners for foreign markets.

Since 1995, VARS BRNO has been offering innovative and smart solutions for transport telematics, assets management and GIS administration, reflecting the latest trends, especially on the background of the Czech Republic. The company has its own solutions represented by the systems SMARTiC, for transport telematics, and CleveRA, for road management.

The system CleveRA, aimed at the effective management of road infrastructure, was developed in the framework of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation, and is now prepared for implementation, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries.

The system SMARTiC, aimed at transport telematics, has already been successfully implemented in the National Traffic Information Centre (NDIC) and in the Main Traffic Control Central of the capital city Prague (HDŘÚ), and has been extended by new features corresponding with the most demanding requirements of foreign markets.

These realized applications are clear evidence of the fact that the company VARS BRNO belongs in the Czech Republic among the leading successful innovators in the field of transport telematics and road management, and is also prepared to take advantage of these experiences abroad. Therefore, the company has decided to offer its products to partners in the field of design-consulting, technology and construction for ITS and the management of road infrastructure for cooperation in foreign markets.

"I am aware that bold and innovative solutions addressing current needs are the standard today of progressive companies. I believe that the benefit of our products will be appreciated, not only in the environment of the Czech Republic, but also in the foreign market, and it will become a symbol of the modern approach in the field of traffic management”, says Ing. Tomáš Miniberger, Chief Executive Officer of the company VARS BRNO a.s.