VARS BRNO registers trademarks for its most important products!

VARS BRNO has finished successfully the trademark registration process for its most significant products. These are now registered in the Trademark Register at the Industrial Property Office.

SMARTiC is a modular system designed for traffic control centres and developed for applications for urban and inter-urban (motorway) systems not only within the Czech Republic, but abroad, too. In the Czech Republic, it makes the core of the Traffic Control Centre for the City of Prague and is used for traffic management and control via telematics devices. In the National Traffic Control and Information Centre of the Czech Republic, it creates models of traffic situations based on real-time traffic data and disseminates traffic information from the road network across the whole of the country.

CleveRA – a system for the effective road network management - uses the latest diagnostic and computing technology and covers all processes of data acquisition, administration, recording, asset operation and maintenance, including planning with respect to time, operational and financial efficiency.   

Both systems are so unique that it was natural to register the trademark and thus affirm their uniqueness. For our customers, this step represents a guarantee of quality and uniqueness” adds Ing. Tomáš Miniberger, the CEO of VARS BRNO a.s..