VARS BRNO a.s. comes with the revolutionary system CleveRA for comprehensive road assets management.

So far, assets management has been often realized without any long-term planning and support of information technologies. This has been changing in recent years, and administrators of assets have begun to realize the need for a comprehensive and continuous approach to maintenance in order to achieve greater time, operational and financial efficiency. 

The company VARS BRNO a.s. has been dedicated to this issue for a long period of time and now belongs among the major innovators in this area. The company has managed to develop high-tech applications, which have been successfully implemented in practice, and form the basis for the new system CleveRA. This system covers all the processes associated with the management of the road network, and it was developed under the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations, drawing funds from the European Union.

As we reflect on customer needs, we have created a unified system, which shall simplify and accelerate all processes associated with the maintenance and repairs of roads. Our ambition is to connect the already existing and successfully proven applications and to create a comprehensive solution on the expert assessment of roadways," says Ing. Tomáš Miniberger, Chief Executive Officer of the company VARS BRNO a.s. 

Basic subsystems of CleveRa

All of the components are based on cutting edge technologies and, through the web and mobile solutions, they deliver considerable flexibility while preserving our user friendly approach. At the same time, they comply with the high demands on safety and reliability of operation.
CleveRA covers the following subsystems:

  • Road diagnostics and road assets records
  • Routine maintenance of the road network
  • Bridge and pavement management systems
  • Management decision support system

Road diagnostics and road assets records involves the collection of variable and non-variable data in accordance with the standard and their recording. A diagnosis of road defects is carried out on the basis of the most modern technologies, PaveMatrix. The technology PaveMatrix is based on the method of laser scanning for the accurate detection of defects, skid characteristics of longitudinal and transverse unevennesses at the stage when they are easily repairable, and with submillimetre accuracy, which has no match in comparison with other devices. These data serve for the efficient organization of continuous maintenance of roads and other road management.


Laser scanning of the pavement - SW for evaluation of defects


Road assets records

Routine maintenance of the road network includes operational applications supporting everyday activities in management, implementation, evaluation and planning of road maintenance. Individual applications are integrated into a single unit; they mutually cooperate and operate under the 24x7 regime. The system in particular known for routine road maintenance is DIKOS (the monitoring-control system), which is used to record defects and control processes associated with their removal.


Records of defect

Bridge and pavement management systems are expert systems based on models, which lay down strategies and plans for other activities maintaining the value of assets and optimizing the budget. They cover all processes in the area of road management and provide demonstrable optimization of maintenance costs. Their goal is to propose methods of road repairs in different variants from the perspective of financial efficiency.
Finally, the management decision support system introduces to the administrator of assets strategies of road management and provides them with transparent information on the managed assets, quality and safety of transport infrastructure, financing of maintenance and the development of transport infrastructure.

The future of “CleveRa"

The system CleveRA was developed in the framework of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation and is supported by funds from the EU. This allows entrance into the Czech market with favourable prices, but the system is also prepared for implementation in other European countries. So far, road management has not been so comprehensive, accurate, and, at the same time, highly affordable.

An important benefit will be provision of this system in the form of services or an internal cloud. The principal advantage of the cloud-based solution is mobile accessibility and a high degree of safety. Moreover, usage of this system does not require any installation, only an Internet connection.

"We expect to initiate a pilot deployment of the system in the course of this summer and, by the end of the year, we plan to run the full operation. We will continuously return to individual subsystems of CleveRa to analyse their functionality and evolve them to comply with the growing demands. I believe that the system will find its users among both the existing and new ones in the Czech Republic and abroad!” adds Ing. Tomáš Miniberger, Chief Executive Officer of the company VARS BRNO. 

We will keep you informed on the functionality of individual parts via further posts.