VARS BRNO, a proud member of ITS POLAND.

The company VARS BRNO a.s. has decided to strengthen its position in the field of ITS and road assets management also on foreign markets and is currently starting a partnership project for the products CleveRA and SMARTiC. To support this project, the company has become a full member of the association ITS POLAND in order to be able to also offer its experience from its Czech background among others to Polish colleagues and, at the same time, be able to actively participate in the development of technologically advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems.

In the framework of the European integration process, the collaboration of related authorities is necessary for the consistent development of ITS in the European environment. The role of associations similar to ITS POLAND significantly encourages the exchange of information and experience among various actors in the field of ITS, both at national and international levels, from the state administration to research centres and construction companies. It also contributes to the popularization and unification of the view on issues of ITS during its development.

Our experiences speak for itself

For collection, processing and visualization of data, the revolutionary system SMARTiC has been successfully implemented at the Main Traffic Control Central of the capital city of Prague within the supply of a system providing traffic information. The same system has also been used for the National Traffic Information Centre for the Czech Republic, established in Ostrava (NDIC), in whose development VARS was significantly involved.

The system SMARTiC is a modular system designed for traffic control centres, which has been developed for applications not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, for urban and interurban (highway) systems. After its introduction, the following demonstrably positive results have been recorded:
• Increase of traffic flow
• Reduction of traffic accidents and their consequences
• Increase of awareness for road infrastructure users about the actual traffic situation

These realized applications are clear evidence of the fact that the company VARS BRNO belongs in the Czech Republic among the leading successful innovators in the field of traffic telematics and is prepared to take advantage of these experiences abroad.

At the end of May, the company VARS will take part, already as a member of ITS POLAND, at the conference ITS POLSKA, which is annually attended by the leading actors from both the private and the public sectors of ITS in Europe. It will be an opportunity to get acquainted with new technologies and showcase successful projects implemented in the Czech environment.