Intelligent Transportation Systems

Unified communication interface

Communication modules communicate with the SMARTiC system via protocols in the XML format.

For communication between a telematics device and the communication module a communication service is used, which defines in what way (by what principles) the device will communicate with the module.

The communication service defines these ways of communication

  • device provides data on-line
  • device provides data at regular intervals
  • commands can be sent to a device
  • device provides information on conditions at regular intervals
  • device provides information on situation on request

Receipt of data and information on the condition of the device

Every telematics device transmits to the communication module information about its technical condition and, depending on the device type, also the recorded data.

If the system does not receive data or information on the condition within the interval defined in the communication service, a warning message about the situation is generated.

Sending commands to a telematics device

the communication module passes control information to the given telematics device.

Sending traffic information to recipients

The communication module of the "Data distribution interface" ensures the transmission of traffic information from the SMARTiC system based on defined rules

  • automatically on the creation or updating of traffic information
  • on the recipient’s request

Traffic information may be sent to a recipient using various protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP (email) – based on parameters pre-set for each recipient.