Intelligent Transportation Systems

Traffic management

The implementation of management scenarios and the management of traffic using the rule base, it responds to verified states the of traffic situation and recommends solutions for specific traffic situations using the prepared management scenarios. The rule base contains a management scenario for a particular traffic situation with multiple sub-orders with which it is possible to solve an occurred non-standard situation. These are, for example, speed limits, no overtaking signs, diversions, displaying information on VMS, change of signal plan on traffic ligths. This module proposes measures for the current traffic situation in order to ensure continuous and safe operation.

The module works with pre-defined scenarios for the control and management of traffic. Each scenario deals with a particular traffic situation. A pre-defined scenario is understood to be a list of steps which need to be taken to solve a non-standard traffic situation that has arisen.

At every change in the traffic situation, the system checks whether there is a pre-defined scenario or scenarios for the given traffic situation. Based on this check, the module suggests to the operator the most suitable scenarios and enables him to choose the one that solves the given traffic situation.

The selection of a suitable scenario for the solution of a traffic situation is done using the rule-base. The rule-base works according to the type and location of an event, the availability of suitable VMS, etc.

Scenarios may be carried out

  • Automatically – they may be defined for traffic situations that have only one solution. In this case, the operator is informed about the steps taken as part of the scenario.
  • Automatically with manual confirmation by an operator – a scenario with manual confirmation will, for the individual steps, require the confirmation of an operator before the implementation of each step. This give the operator the option of influencing the course of a scenario so as to best fit the current traffic situation.
  • Manually - an operator performs the individual steps himself – an operator performs manual scenarios in gradual steps, but no fixed sequence of steps connected with the application support is given.

General principles

  • Based on the situation that has arisen (the traffic conditions), the system chooses a suitable scenario.
  • If the scenario works with a telematics device, the system chooses a particular device (e.g. a particular VMS).
  • If the device (VMS board) displays some information, the system determines which information is of greater importance (that which was originally shown one or that which is newly offered).