Intelligent Transportation Systems

Traffic information dissemination

The creation, editing and verification of traffic information

Traffic information is processed by the system to become authorized, verified, digitally and geographically localized and Alert-C protocol encoded.

The module creates, edits and publishes traffic information.

The module enables the following functions for the operator

  • Manual input of traffic information
    • new traffic information can be entered into the system and existing information can be edited. When entering events (traffic information), the following must be specified:
      • position in the road network
      • position according to the Localization Database, ČSN ISO 14819-3, re-calculated automatically by the system
      • the event as defined by its Alert-C code, ČSN ISO 14819-2
      • the duration of the event i
    • Specification of other additional information by the user is optional
      • existence of diversions
      • impact on the speed of traffic flow
      • grouping more information (up to three pieces) into one message and entering additional information
      • entering the location of traffic information on the map (geocoding coordinates or road geometry – link to localization database)
  • Deleting and updating the current message
  • management of the message life cycle
    • updating of a message (if a situation changes– increasing tailback…)
    • deleting a message (upon expiration or explicit cancellation by a user)
    • cancellation of messages

Output interface

The module provides transmission of control information to communication modules, which then deliver the information to the telematics device itself or to the relevant traffic information recipients.

Communication between the SMARTiC system (namely the output interface module) and the communication modules is done in XML format.