Intelligent Transportation Systems

Technological equipment for control rooms

Traffic control centre equipment

Traffic information and control centres are specialized facilities for collecting and processing traffic information on the traffic on specified roads or areas of the road network, traffic data from telematics devices in individual sensor profiles, technological information on the operational state of some technologies or warning messages about critical situations At the same time, traffic is directly controlled via telematics applications.

The VARS company has successfully implemented a number of data centres, from the small (designed, for example, for the operation of the infrastructure of engineering companies) to very large ones with the most stringent demands for the provision of continuous operation. Among main references in this field are the Národní dopravní informační centrum (National Traffic Information Centre), Hlavní dopravní řídicí ústředna (Main Traffic Control Centre) and the data centre Řídícího centra Pražského okruhu (Prague Ring-road Control Centre). Systems of large-scale display for control centres.

The large-scale display systems

The large scale display systems are used to create a surveillance scheme for operators in control centres or control rooms. Typically, this is a set of a large number of panels or projection surfaces assembled into one unit, and a set of operator workstations.

Operators have their own stations (PC+monitor+keyboard+mouse) where they conduct most of their activities. They follow detailed information on local monitors. Using the projection wall, extensive “networks” are displayed, which due to their large size cannot be displayed at the local operator stations. This allows all operators to follow all changes in the “network” at the same time, and therefore to react quickly and in a coordinated manner.

The projection surface is composed of individual "projection cubes" that are interconnected to create one continuous image. The individual images that are placed on the corresponding “projection cube” are compiled and created via management software and graphics controllers, which enable the user to simultaneously display video signals from one or more sources (e.g. CCTV). On the wall, a data signal from an external local source, e.g. a notebook, can also be displayed on the wall.

The system software allows the full utilization of all system functions. All operators in a control room can use their own keyboard and mouse with the option to access the displayed "network" or its parts.

The system of rear projection for traffic control centres is used to display interactive road surveillance maps and other information with continuous operational functioning 24x7.


Besides control rooms and control centres, The VARS BRNO company also concentrates on supplying outdoor traffic information devices (TID) and variable message signs (VMS).
One of the suppliers of this equipment is the global manufacturer of display panels, the company SWARCO FUTURIT.

SWARCO, an Austrian company, is a renowned supplier of comprehensive solutions in the area of transport. SWARCO FUTURIT is a global leader and the most important innovator in the field of variable message signs. Ten of thousands of SWARCO FUTURIT variable message signs (VMS) and traffic information devices (TID) have been installed in over 60 countries all over the world.

In the past 20 years, SWARCO FUTURIT has gained a significant technological lead and achieved a number of important technological successes:

  • 1994: FIRST utilization of LED technologies in traffic signs
  • 1998: FIRST to introduce variable message signs based on LEDs
  • 1998: FIRST signal signs based on LEDs, approved by the German research institute BASt
  • 1999: FIRST variable message signs based on LEDs, approved by the German research institute BASt
  • 2000: FIRST to introduce fully programmable variable message signs based on LEDs
  • 2003: FIRST to introduce signal signs based on LEDs with a central light source
  • 2008: FIRST to introduce traffic signs with a focus on ecological design

Currently, SWARCO FUTURIT offers technologies with first-class visual and physical parameters and unrivalled power source control, which results in a significantly extended service life and the minimization of operational cost. These benefits can be demonstrated with a wide range of installed telematics devices (e.g. numerous reference projects).

SWARCO FUTURIT thus represents not only the current technological leader in the area of variable message signs, but also a stable and reliable long-term partner.

Telematics hardware

Workstations are powerful desktop computers (nowadays even notebooks) that provide the end user with sufficient computing power for their individual work (control rooms, graphic studios, engineering design studios, modelling).

In the case of telematics hardware, together with corresponding control room software, workstations are mostly used for displaying traffic, traffic conditions, and images from cameras in multi-screen regimes on 4 screens simultaneously connected to one workstation.

For their workstations, VARS BRNO uses HP products. HP workstations were designed with the aim of optimizing the cooperation of processors, memory, graphic cards and operating systems, thus ensuring the excellent computing performance of the whole system. The latest technologies from Intel, including the latest Intel® Xeon® processors with Nehal microarchitecture, ensure that more tasks can be managed simultaneously and in a shorter time.

This allows a significant increase in productivity in the processing of complex data and working with digital media.

Selected references

Implemented at:

  • ŘSD Národní dopravní informační centrum (NDIC) – National Traffic Information Centre
  • Hlavní dopravní řídicí ústředna (HDŘÚ) - Main Traffic Control Centre
  • data centre Řídícího centra Pražského okruhu - Prague ring-road control centre