Intelligent Transportation Systems

System administration

The subsystem provides the necessary functions for the integration of telematics devices, the administration of the rule-base, the management of control and management of traffic, user management, their access rights, etc.

Integration and localization of telematics devices

M The module enables the administrator to integrate a telematics device of a known type with the system.

Localization of device

Localization is recorded in relation to the model of the road network with such accuracy as is required by the nature of the device, i.e.

  • traffic detector – relation to the road and traffic direction
  • loop counter – relation to the road, lane and traffic direction
  • VMS – relation to the road and traffic direction
  • camera – relation to the road and traffic direction
  • P+R - relation to the road and the regional or city centre

Type of device

Shared information

  • basic type of device, i.e. traffic detector, VMS, camera, traffic lights
  • device name
  • model
  • location in data network infrastructure including type of data transfer

Rules of communication between the system and devices

In establishing the rules of communication, the following parameters are set

  • principle of active site
  • communication protocol
  • communication parameters (e.g. frequency of transmission)
  • information about the condition of the device

Management of the rule base

The module enables the system administrator comprehensive administration of all parameter and rule settings in the SMARTiC system, for example

  • the rule base for communication with telematics devices
  • the rule base for processing and evaluating of data
  • the rule base for calculating traffic conditions
  • the rule base for predicting the traffic situation
  • the rule base for warning messages
  • the rule base for scenarios for traffic control and management
  • the rule base for creating traffic information
  • ect.

By setting the rules of communication, these parameters are set

Management of traffic conditions

The module allows the system administrator to control the enumerated type of defined traffic conditions (create, edit and delete).

The traffic situation is defined by

  • name and description
  • selection of Alert-C code for traffic incidents

The administrator may add whole groups of events or only a single event, or remove whole groups or an individual event from a group.

Management of scenarios of traffic management

The module allows the system administrator to control the enumerated type (create, edit and delete) for scenarios and their individual steps.

User management

The module allows the system administrator to manage users (create, edit and delete). For each user, the following information is registered

  • name and surname
  • contact details
  • role in the system
  • extent (region, selected roads) to which the given user is authorized to manage the traffic situation