Road Asset Management

Road Condition Survey

Measurements of variable parameters by multifunction vehicle

Transverse unevenness (ruts), longitudinal unevenness - IRI (International Roughness Index), macro-texture MPD (Mean Profile Depth), automatic recording of road defects, geometric design of roads, Videopassport.


Measurement of pavement skid resistance by TRT vehicle

Longitudinal friction coefficient (fp), longitudinal unevenness - IRI (International Roughness Index).


Detailed diagnostics

Measurements of structural capacities, georadar measurements, laboratory analyses of materials collected.

Laser scanning of roads

Acquisition of data for road passport, determination of cubic capacities (e.g. loose material dumps, option of point localization, line vectoring, measuring distances, elevations, areas, transverse and longitudinal profiles, panoramic images of roads and their surroundings.


Key features and benefits

  • Immediate detection of roads' technical conditions
  • Monitoring of maintenance and repair
  • Inspection of condition before the end of warranty
  • Materials for decision-making on timely repair (prediction of development)
  • Improvement of safety and driving comfort
  • Optimization of funds spent in maintenance and repair – repairing roads at the time when the repair is the cheapest
  • Unified procedure for data acquisition and evaluation – the option of comparison within a whole region or the whole country