Road Asset Management

Road Asset Records Management

Allows easy recording and management of all data on road network assets (road signs, crash barriers, pavement layers, etc.)

Key features

  • Internet applications – user access through a web interface
  • Linking with Bridge Management and Videopassport applications
  • Communication of Road asset records management with other systems – Maintenance Investment Plan, Pavement Management System, Road Asset Records System
  • It uses the infrastructure of Unified Traffic Information System (UTIS) with high availability and low demands on system clients
  • The option of entering / editing / displaying data according to the setting of each user's rights
  • Includes advanced mapping functions
  • Uses fully the functions of the existing Linear Reference System (LRS) forming the application core for ISSDS ČR (Road and Motorway Network Information System of the Czech Republic)
  • The Global Network model in range of motorways, 1st class roads and local and tertiary roads throughout the Czech Republic, it provides framework for localization of passport and activities
  • Easy additional configuration of new data registers in the database and a user interface
  • Total interconnection of road network in all aspects (global view of road management)
  • Minimum requirements for computer configuration on user's side (the client)



Since the end of 2006, the Passport Asset Management System has been in operation at the Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR (Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic) and has been continuously provided with data by transfer from the existing registers and by new data acquisition. Circa 1.9 million objects in 150 categories is recorded in the system. It makes the basis for the category of assets in the Central Register of the Road Network. Primarily, it manages data concerning motorways and 1st class roads. Currently, it is fully prepared for usage on lower category roads including street network and for the integration of large-scale technical maps, to be used by any state and local administration bodies.