Road Asset Management

Planned Maintenance

Maintenance Investment Plan

Maintanenace investment plan is a web application supporting road asset managers in the strategic planning of investments in the development and maintenance of the road network.  It manages the necessary data on individual events, including relevant documentation. Each event is geographically localized either on a map with a link to the ULS road network or as loose geometry – e.g. for planned bypasses. A construction investment plan can be put together from the events. The system is used for recording extensive investment actions (bypasses, new constructions, reconstructions); it provides the option of dividing constructions into stages, of continuous road maintenance, point events (culvert, bridge)

Key properties and benefits

  • The option to include other entities in the records – to ensure concurrence with other events and road repairs, 
  • Each event is recorded in the system from the beginning until the realization, possibly for the time of the project’s sustainability,
  • Link to passport system,
  • Unified management and records - data standardization and comparability,
  • Records of deadlines (permission validity, guarantees, etc.) For a whole event and its parts - optional setting of automatic alert,
  • Web and cloud-based solutions,
  • Support for optimization of road maintenance cost.


Management of basic information on an event

Contains basic data and technical data.

Mapping component

Records of an event over a map.

Event watcher

Monitoring of deadlines, notifications during procedure for building permits, project preparation and guarantees.

Document register, Contract register

Records of processes related to building permits, documents, contracts and issued decisions, planned and real costs, investment plans, object management, financing and EU funds.

Filtration of recorded events

The filter allows the collection of records in one main table according to the following criteria -  Name of construction, Construction state, Type of construction, Construction, Administration unit, Event, Layer, Year – commencement of preparation, commencement of construction, completion of construction, issuance of zoning permit, issuance of building permit, construction approval, handover of site.


Export of output and table overviews and so-called “birth certificates” in MS Excel and PDF formats.

Overlay analyses

Detecting overlapping events, connections and influences for the assessment of events.