Road Asset Management

Pavement Management System

The Pavement Management System (PMS) is a system for the optimization of the lifetime cost of road maintenance, which is used as a standard in all developed economies.

Key features

  • PMS is based on an expert dTIMS core supporting strategy definition and technical policies of the road owner (prevention, renewal, reconstruction, maintenance strategies) and on managerial evaluation and reporting.
  • As such, it can be run independently or as part of the whole CleveRA system.
  • The main benefit of PMS is the traceable optimum usage of funds for road maintenance and repair.
  • PMS has been proven to save up to 7% of funds for road maintenance and repair, meaning with the same funds, it is possible to make major repairs in the road network. 
  • Given that the amount of these funds is never sufficient, the monitoring of their optimum use becomes all the more important a goal.


Main benefits:

  • Economy – simply put – currently, non-repairable sections of roads are being repaired, while repairable sections fall into a state of disrepair. The aim of PMS is the long-term planning of maintenance and repair based on diagnostics and the objective evaluation of road conditions. Over 10 years of usage, the resources used for the introduction of PMS will return more than 25 times.
  • Traceability – PMS enables the monitoring of the flow of funds into road maintenance and repair – we know where and why funds are spent.
  • Monitoring – we know what and how should be repaired – PMS evaluates the efficiency of repairs conducted, monitors prices of individual work, materials and the maintenance of work quality – supervision over construction companies, monitoring guarantees.

Annual cycle in PMS:

  • Acquisition of data on road condition, evaluation, classification
  • Analyses and optimization, variants, plans, budgets
  • Reporting, visualization, managerial decision-making
  • Realization of maintenance
  • Data updating