Road Asset Management

Pavement and Bridge Management Systems

These support the management of assets in the pavement management system. Comprehensive systems, which process data and propose various approaches to the management of roads, bridges and other objects depending on financial resources. 
The pavement management system (PMS) is based on the expert dTims core supporting the setting of strategies and technical policies of the road owner (prevention, renewal, reconstruction, maintenance strategies), management evaluation and reporting.
The bridge management system (BMS) – a nationwide system that supports all bridge management processes – records, inspection, maintenance related to bridge inspections, financial assessment of repairs, maintenance and reconstructions of bridges, strategies for financing the maintenance of bridges.

Key features

  • The main benefit of road and bridge management systems is economy, traceability and the control over usage of funds for roads and bridges maintenance and repair.
  • The system is built on expert dTIMS core - a solution proven in practice in many countries.
  • It covers all types of users and their roles (owner, administrator, supplier, concessioner…).
  • The system provides quality information to support decision-making; planning is done on the basis of diagnosis and an objective evaluation of road conditions.
  • Traceable optimization of maintenance costs – repairs are done in optimum time, we know where and why funds are spent.
  • Monitoring – the system evaluates the quality and efficiency of repairs done
  • The introduction of the management system results in an increase (or maintenance) of the quality of the road network, driving comfort and accident reduction, while maintaining the current level of funds invested in maintenance and repair.