National traffic control and information centre for the Czech Republic

The National Traffic and Information Centre (NTIC) in Ostrava is a modern traffic control and information centre run by the Road and Motorway Directorate. It provides central monitoring of the traffic situation on the road network throughout the Czech Republic, central traffic management on motorways and first class roadways and complete surveillance of telematics devices.   The dissemination of traffic information is conducted via information boards (devices for displaying traffic information), web and mobile applications, and the RDS-MTC for navigation devices. 


Data for the formation of traffic events are acquired from the following sources:

  • Detection of traffic volumes – ca 200 detectors
  • Road weather system – ca 270 weather reports
  • High speed scales - 11
  • Electronic toll collection system
  • Vehicle counting system, traffic congestion detection and traffic flow monitoring 
  • Detection of wrong-way driving – this system for the detection of wrong-way driving using toll gates is installed on D1, D2 and D5, and when wrong-way driving is detected it automatically transmits the information to NTIC, which, among other things, automatically changes the text on variable message signs on motorways.
  • Surveillance system – over 600 cameras

Current traffic information is also obtained from external sources:

  • Police of the Czech Republic
  • Fire rescue service
  • Medical rescue service
  • Administrators of roads of all categories
  • Road administration bodies at all levels
  • Municipal police
  • Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute
  • Tunnel management systems
  • Municipal traffic information centres
  • Systems of linear traffic management Prague Ring Road

The average number of messages sent from NTIC per year: 
22 904 581 including traffic volume levels
16 907 970 without traffic volume levels

VARS BRNO a.s. has supplied a complete software and hardware solution for NTIC, including:

  • Central control system for NTIC
  • Other agenda applications necessary for the acquisition of traffic information for the NTIC control system – Central records of road closures,  Road meteorological information system, the applications Winter news and Winter maintenance performance, Application for the universal acquisition of traffic information for the Municipal police, road management bodies, etc. 
  • All technological equipment of the NDIC control room, including a large-scale display system, video conferencing technology, multi-screen workstations and control room furniture.
  • All equipment of the NTIC data centre, including servers, a disc array, networking, data archiving and system backup....

Web portal

The web application provides information about incidents (accidents, traffic restrictions, traffic queues), road closures (diversions, abnormal loads, road repairs) and traffic volumes; based on the data from road weather stations it provides information on road practicability in the winter and current weather conditions (precipitation, fog, black ice formation). Further, it can display current traffic volumes from the camera systems and the information on the variable message signs.


web application

Mobile application Dopinfo

The mobile application is available without having to install it in a standard web browser by clicking on the link After entering the route, the number of kilometres remaining will be displayed together with the estimated time of arrival, any problems appearing on the chosen route (road closures, traffic restrictions and accidents) and traffic volume levels, warnings from weather stations and images from cameras.
The number of mobile application downloads (as of in 03/2014):    iTunes  23.5 K
                                                                                                           Google Play 10.5 K
                                                                                                           Marketplace  4.7 K



Mobile application

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