Main traffic management centre of city of Prague

The Main traffic management centre (TMCP) provides central monitoring of the traffic situation and central coordinated traffic management and control in the city of Prague, and provides verified real-time traffic information. The sources of these data are, for example, telematics devices, systems of the Police of the Czech Republic, the Fire Rescue Service and the Emergency Medical Service, and also the Central road closures record system. All information on the traffic situation is processed by the Control system of the Traffic management Centre, which reacts automatically to the traffic situation by invoking so-called traffic management scenarios. The individual steps of a scenario change the status of telematics devices (traffic lights, VMS) to ensure the free flow of traffic.


Data for the formation of traffic situations in the area of Prague are acquired from the following sources:

  • Detection of traffic volumes – 636 locations (over 4000 monitored lines – loops)  
  • Road weather information system -  ca 50 weather reports 
  • High speed scales - 5
  • Surveillance camera system 
  • Traffic lights – ca 400 sets
  • Tunnel management systems
  • National traffic information centre
  • Control centre in Rudná

VARS BRNO have supplied and provided:

  • Control system for TMCP – from design of system architecture, through software development and implementation, to final consultations and training,
  • Integration of telematics devices into TMCP,
  • Installation of system infrastructure and the relevant hardware for TMCP
  • GIS technologies for processing and presentation of data,
  • Transfer of the system of traffic management in tunnels to the Strahov road tunnel control room,
  • Adjustments of electro-installation and ventilation at TMCP.

Web portal of Prague Traffic information centre

The web application provides information about incidents (accidents, traffic restrictions, traffic queues), road closures (diversions, abnormal loads, road repairs) and traffic volumes; based on the data from road weather stations, it provides information on road practicability in the winter and current weather conditions (precipitation, fog, black ice formation).  Further, it can display current traffic volumes from the camera systems and the information on the variable message signs.


Map of current traffic situation in Prague

Available at:

Mobile application Doprava Praha

This mobile application provides a quick overview of the situation on roads in Prague.
The application allows:

  • vizualization of objects (cameras, traffic volumes, traffic information, parking availability) on the route the user has chosen,
  • display of traffic volumes in Prague, listed from the highest to the lowest,
  • display of images from Prague Closed Circuit Television,
  • vizualization of individual cameras, traffic volumes, traffic information and information about parking availability on a map.


Mobile application Doprava Praha