Intelligent Transportation Systems

Integration of telematics devices with the SMARTiC system

For the integration of telematics devices in the SMARTiC system, it is necessary to create a communication link between the telematics device itself and the unified communication interface of the system, and also to make a physical connection and configuration of the telematics device so that all necessary data come to the communication interface. The data is then used in the SMARTiC control system. It is further necessary to make modifications, extensions and configurations of the SMARTIC system, mainly:

  • record device location,
  • record type of device,
  • set rules of communication between SMARTiC and telematics device,
  • set warning messages for service technician,
  • set warning signals for operators,
  • set rules for creating traffic information,
  • set rules for traffic control .

Recording the location of the device

Each device in the SMARTiC system is assigned an element point with a unique ID. The location of the device is recorded in relation to the individual road network model with the detail of traffic direction and possibly lane.

Recording the type device

For every type of equipment, corresponding parameters are set – the definition of the communication protocol, possible conditions and settings of the equipment used for monitoring the device operating condition, etc.

Setting rules of communication between SMARTiC and a telematics device

For example, the frequency of transmission is defined.

Setting warning messages for service technicians

For each device, values will be set at which warning messages to a SMARTiC service technician will be automatically generated (fault on device, loss of communication, etc.).

Setting warning signals for operators

For every device, values will be set at which warning messages for a SMARTiC operator will be automatically generated (danger of black ice, congestion, etc.)

Setting of rules for creating traffic information

Rules will be set for each device, which will control the automatic creation of traffic information based on data from telematics systems.

Setting rules for traffic management

Rules for traffic management define the conditions in which the SMARTiC system will suggest the use of specific pre-defined scenarios for the control and management of traffic. The occurrence of a certain situation at a particular road section in the unified road network system, and the general rules with regard to the technical characteristics of a road and the assigned traffic situation, can be called defining conditions for invoking scenarios.