Road Asset Management

CleveRA system

The CleveRA system is a comprehensive system for road asset owners and administrators at all levels - local (towns and municipalities), regional (regions), national (the Ministry of Transport).
  It provides tools for effective and conclusive road administration, management, decision-making in road maintenance and repairs, supervision of road maintenance and control of investments.

The CleveRA system consists of the following subsystems:

  • Automated road survey and road asset records
  • Planníng and road network maintenance
  • Pavement and bridge management systems
  • Decision - making support



  • Comprehensiveness – the system covers all processes in the area of road network management
  • First-class technological standards – built on proven, globally used components dTIMS and Pavemetrics – tested in practice and in used in many countries.
  • Modularity – data is shared across subsystems and the individual applications are interconnected; there is the option to use only selected modules.
  • Effectiveness – fast and accurate diagnostics using a multifunction vehicle, automatic processing of data, related expert and management applications which speed up the process from measurement-taking to providing materials for decision, with variants of repair plans within several days.
  • Operational applications are part of the system and supplement and use a common database.
    Open platform – easy to add new applications and new features, new users.
  • Modern "CLOUD" solution - access to the system is possible from anywhere with an Internet connection, support for tablets and smartphones.

The aim of the CleveRa system is:

  • to determine the optimum method for road maintenance,
  • to maintain the assets in the state prescribed by technical norms and technical policy,
  • to determine how much funding is necessary for the maintenance of roads in a given time, and to create various funding scenarios depending on the availability of funds,
  • to optimize the funds spent on maintenance and repair – by repairing roads at the time when repair is cheapest,
  • to monitor the technical condition of roads and to control maintenance.
  • to maintain a continual overview of the state and value of assets.

The output of the CleveRA system is a decision on when and how to repair in order to minimize the maintenance cost while maintaining the technical condition within a particular time horizon (5, 10, 15 years) and maintaining the functionality of the entire road infrastructure.