Road Asset Management

Bridge Management System

The Bridge Management System (BMS) is a nationwide expert system, which records bridges, culverts (and in the future also tunnels) to be used by all road network administrators, for the assessment of objects in terms of their condition, capacity and availability, and for determining the necessary maintenance, repair and reconstruction. The system is a result of research and development project financed by the Ministry of Transport and was created by the association "Sdružení PONTEX-VARS-Viapont".

Key features

Using the data from the Central Register of Road Networks, it clearly identifies the individual bridges and records all important information about these
Provides information on the realized inspections of bridges in chronological order 
Records maintenance work and repairs
Easily extendable by other users and data
Allows interconnection with external systems, especially GIS
Ready to be connected to the pavement management system and road asset records management applications
It allows complete interconnection of the road network in all aspects (global view of road management).



The system is used for the recording of bridges: ŘSD ČR (Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic), all regional bodies and road administrations in large cities – Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň.
More than 500 active users are registered in the system.
Currently, 19,629 bridges are recorded in the system, out of which: 921 are on motorways, 3,475 on 1st class roads, 12,658 on 2nd and 3rd class roads, 2,571 in towns.
At present, further development of BMS is underway, which will result in the redesign of the whole application, adding other attributes for passports and for bridge inspections; newly, there will also be the option of recording tunnels.