Road Asset Management

Automated road survey and road asset records

Comprehensive services in the area of the collection and processing of variable and non-variable data for the purposes of managing road networks, for proposals regarding the methods and technologies for repairs and quality control.Records and management of asset passports (traffic signs, traffic barriers, pavement layers, etc.), planning and monitoring of asset management activities in connection with inspections and realization of routine maintenance, reporting.

Key features

  • Measurements of many km at high speed during normal operation
  • Fast and effective data processing; “today we measure, tomorrow we provide data”
  • Price affordable for large-scale deployment, easy assessment of development of situation – e.g. measurements of variance for quality control
  • Data compatibility with management systems
  • Data compatibility with other systems, such as data laser-scanning
  • Web portal for displaying the measurement procedure and the results
  • Connection to GIS
  • Unified methodology and procedure for acquisition of data on assets and passports, the option of certified data entry